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Beach Prisms

Protect your shoreline with Beach Prisms. Beach Prisms are a precast concrete product designed to break wave energy and prevent beach erosion.



How does it work?

The open design allows water to flow through the Prisms dissipating the wave energy, allowing the sand in the wave to accumulate while reducing the impact on the shoreline. This "soft approach" allows for natural movement of water, plant and animal life, as opposed to the more disruptive "hard approach" of stone breakwaters and seawalls, giving mother nature the chance to regrow vegetation and regenerate a living shoreline complex.

Beach Prism.png

A Permanent or

Temporary Solution

Beach Prisms are placed in 1'-2' of water to act as a barrier between the waves and existing shoreline. Because Beach Prisms are a precast concrete product, they can easily be installed or removed if beach erosion is no longer an issue.

Contact a product expert.

Beach Prism Representative:
Josh Schierbeek
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