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Quality Precast manufactures products for both sanitary and storm projects. Through the years, the QPI team has partnered with contractors and municipalities to accomplish the toughest projects. Our products are poured wet-cast, built to meet all local and state standards, and are designed to each project's specifications.

24" Dia. 



Choose between 24" - 120" dia. structures. The team at QPI will work with you to cast in holes at specified heights and sizes. No matter what your requirements may be, the experienced team at QPI can make it happen. 


Typical manhole & catch basins options:


  • Custom sump heights

  • Booted pipe connections

  • Gasket manhole joints

  • Exterior waterproofing

  • Flow channels

  • Drop connections

  • Internal corrosion resistant liners


All manhole and catch basin products meet

ASTM-C478 requirements.

Square Manholes

24" Dia.

48" Dia. 

48" Dia.

60" Dia. 

60" Dia.

72" Dia.